To assist Responsible and Accountable Persons in light of the current and pending changes to fire safety and building safety practices through the Building Safety and Fire Safety Bills, our preoccupancy fire safety assessment process will provide assurance and reporting so as to form part of the required Building Regulations Regulation 38 information pack and will also contribute to the buildings golden thread of information covering design through build completion and the ongoing lifecycle of a buildings occupation.

Preoccupation fire safety assessments are carried out if the end user wants to establish that the construction stage of the building has been completed, the necessary fire safety design measures have been incorporated, prior to handover and subsequent occupation. This information is usually communicated in the findings of a preoccupation fire safety assessment.

It is important that a preoccupation fire safety assessment is not confused with a legally required fire risk assessment; the former is undertaken to help ensure a smooth transition from the design and construction phase to the operational phase of new or refurbished premises. However, both are similar in content, with the in-use elements of management and maintenance of the building not being able to be assessed.

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