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Our Services

Ashton Fire provides the ‘full package’ of Fire Safety consultancy support which does not just focus on the building design, but how the building will be built and how it can be properly managed throughout the life of the building.

Our aim is to provide robust and effective solutions or strategies that are communicated clearly and fully support the key principles of the Dame Judith Hackett Building Regulations Review.

Fire Risk Assessments

Carry out fire risk assessments to satisfy the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) for all building types to identify any potential fire risks and provide mitigating solutions as required. Pre-occupation risk assessments are proving increasingly popular to demonstrate to clients on handover that works have been done correctly.

Fire Safety Strategies (Production)

Production of fire safety strategies for new, refurbished, existing and heritage buildings to demonstrate the proposed design achieves compliance with Building Regulations.

Fire Safety Strategies (Construction)

Production of fire safety strategies for on-site works during construction. These strategies specifically look at fire safety for the site during the various phases of work to assist speed of construction whilst limiting risk.

Construction Support

Review the suitability of proposed materials, fire stopping details, façade details and provide clarity on the fire strategy requirements to ensure the building work is properly carried out. This includes site audits and visits during construction to give added confidence to all stakeholders that fire safety systems are being provided correctly and that changes are fully understood and documented.

Fire doors

The integrity of passive fire protection within any building is essential and underlines the expectations within any fire strategy or means of escape procedure. Understanding and being confident in the ability of key elements such as doors, floors and walls to resist the passage of fire is vital when considering life safety in our built environment.


Computational Fluid Dynamic and Evacuation modelling for validating fire engineering design and smoke control systems.

Research and Testing

Undertake door and partition assessments, project manage research and development projects, support and advise on product testing.

Fire Safety Management

Assistance in producing the Fire Safety Management strategies for existing and new buildings. Ashton Fire will work with building operators and managers to develop an effective and workable management strategy whilst ensuring suitable levels of safety are maintained without affecting normal day-to-day operation and management of the building.

Compartmentation Surveys

On-site reviews of fire stopping details and penetrations of fire resisting walls and floors to ensure the systems have been installed correctly and the overall fire safety for the building is not compromised.