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Fire doors

In many cases it is not practical to remove and test or, remove and replace, existing built elements within a buildings fabric and consequently demonstrating fire resisting performance becomes extremely difficult. Such situations may come about due to the historic nature of the building, a change in use of the property or as identified by the buildings fire risk assessment as a part of a planned maintenance program.

Existing compartmentation within any building type either across an estate or individually can be easily condemned as being inappropriate or in need of improvement, but physically determining the extent of upgrade to ensure suitable fire resistance is maintained can be difficult. The team at Ashton Fire include individuals who have significant experience in fire testing and therefore have the skills to establish fire performance of existing and installed separating elements such as doors, floors and walls.

Much of that experience has been gained from being directly involved in establishing fire test programs for product manufacturers through not only work with test laboratories and the subsequent provision of assessments to extend test data results, but by providing seminars on the fire resisting performances of timber based doorsets and being directly involved with the IFE Heritage Group. With such a wealth of experience Ashton Fire have the expertise to provide on-site performance assessments for both existing and heritage constructions against the current fire resistance test standard (BS 476-22).

By undertaking on site assessments and surveys of existing building elements, Ashton Fire have the expertise to provide insight into inherent fire performance against the current fire test standard or, to provide a risk-based approach to account for the fire growth expected within a specific space and the consequential ‘actual’ performance needed against the real fire condition. Whichever is considered more suitable may depend on aspects such as insurance and/or the nature of the building but either way, undertaking a survey by one of Ashton Fire’s team can prevent unnecessary demolition or replacement or, provide a determining conclusion on whether the extent of upgrades necessary are in fact, cost effective and appropriate.